Write a C++ program that shows a menu of available products in a shop and their prices and then print the total price of items bought by the customer note that include Tex regarding your country

#include <iostream> // preprogressive Directive
using namespace std; // Global Identifier

int main() // Main Function
{ // Entry Point

//Declaring Varibles
int clothes, shoes, books, total_price;;
// Initializing Varibles
int clothes_price = 5000;
int shoes_price = 3000;
int books_price = 2500;

cout<<"Availble Products and their prices"<<endl;
cout<<"1. Clothes (5000 Rs)"<<endl;
cout<<"2. Shoes (3000 Rs)"<<endl;
cout<<"3. Books (2500 Rs)"<<endl;
cout<<"Enter Quantity Of Clothes You Want : ";
cout<<"Enter Quantity Of Shoes You Want : ";
cout<<"Enter Quantity Of Books You Want : ";

total_price = (clothes_price * clothes) + (books_price * books) + (shoes_price * shoes);
cout<<"Your Total Price Is Rs "<<total_price;
return 0;